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enero 17, 2018
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mayo 6, 2018

Advanced Course on Mucosal Immunology (ACMI 2018) Seeding mucosal immunology in South America

Advanced Course on Mucosal Immunology (ACMI 2018)

Seeding mucosal immunology in South America


Dates: Monday October 22th to Saturday October 27th, 2018

Place: HOTEL UTHGRA Los Cocos, Cordoba, Argentina




Confirmed speakers

Ifor Williams (Emory University, GA, USA)

William Agace (Lund University, Sweden)

Tim Denning (GSU, GA, USA)

Gabriel Nuñez (The University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Cecilia Johansson (Imperial College, UK).

Eduardo Villablanca (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)

Elena Verdu (McMaster University, Canada)

Giada de Palma (McMaster University, Canada)

Helder Nakaya (USP, Brazil)

Guillermo Docena (IIFP, UNLP, Argentine)

Oliver Pabst (RWTH Aachen university, Germany)

Brian Sheridan (Stony Brook University, NY, USA)

Tim Sparwasser (MH-Hannover, Germany)

Kenneth Beagley (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Program (preliminary version)

Day 1. Innate barriers and mucosal immune tissues

M1.- Development and structure of mucosal immune tissues. Ifor Williams


M2.- Innate barriers: epithelial cells, stroma, mucus, M cells. Kenneth Beagley

M3.- Innate immunity. Receptors and inflammatory responses. Tim Sparwasser

Coffee break

Article discussions #1 (3 articles to be discussed in groups with experts)

Coffee Break

M4.- Skin Immunity. (speaker to be confirmed)



Day 2. Mucosal dendritic cells and macrophages.

Driving T cell responses

T1.- Regionalized immunity along length of gut. Mononuclear phagocytes subsets and mechanism of antigen uptake. William Agace

T2.- Homing mechanisms. Oliver Pabst

Coffee Break

T3.- Control of the immune response: regulatory dendritic cells and macrophages, tissue repair and healing. Eduardo Villablanca

T4.- Myeloid cells in lung immunity. Cecilia Johansson


T5.- Ontogeny and functional diversity of intestinal dendritic cell subsets in intestinal immunity.

William Agace

T6.- Isolation and characterization of mucosal macrophages and dendritic cells. Tim Denning

Coffee Break

Poster presentations



Day 3. Conventional and unconventional lymphocytes

W1.- Intraepithelial lymphocytes. Brian Sheridan

W2.- Mucosal B cells. Oliver Pabst

Coffee Break

W3.- Mucosal T cells: subsets, differentiation and function. Tim Sparwasser

W4.- Innate lymphoid cells in intestinal immunity and inflammation. Eduardo Villablanca


W5.- Metabolomics, T cell activation and autoimmunity. Tim Sparwasser

W6.- Bioinformatic tools in immunology. Helder Nakaya

Coffee Break

Paper discussions #2 (3 articles to be discussed in groups with experts)


Day 4. Good and bad bugs

T1.- Microbiota and barrier functions. Elena Verdu.

T2.- Secretory IgA and microbiota. Oliver Pabst

Coffee Break

T3.- Gut immunity and microbiota. Gabriel Nuñez

T4.- Intestinal infections. Brian Sheridan


T5.- Infections in the reproductive tract. Kenneth Beagley

T6.- Virus infection in the lung. Cecilia Johansson

Coffee Break

Poster Presentations



Day 5. Translational mucosal immunology

F1.-Immune mechanisms in asthma. Cecilia Johansson

F2.- Food allergy. Guillermo Docena

Coffee Break

F3.- Celiac disease. Elena Verdu.

F4.- Inflammatory bowel disease. (speaker to be confirmed)


F5.- Microbiota-gut-brain axis: Implications for gastrointestinal disorders. Giada de Palma

Coffee Break

Social activities (Climbing a hill)

Dinner (gala)


Day 6. Mucosal immunology: Back to the future

S1.- Mucosal vaccines. Brian Sheridan

S2.- Systems vaccinology. Helder Nakaya


S3.- Panel of discussion on the Future of MI. Chaired by Tim Denning

Lunch and farewell