Informe del Presidente ALAI
mayo 30, 2018

Report about “FOCIS goes to ALAI”

FOCIS goes to ALAI reportFederation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) goes to ALAI”

Following on previous activities in Latin America (“FOCIS goes South”, in 2017 in Chile), the Latin American FOCIS Centers of Excellence (FCEs) (see below the list) organized a FOCIS symposium at the recent meeting of the Latin American Association of Immunology (ALAI) and the Mexican Society of Immunology (SMI). The chairman of this session, “FOCIS goes to ALAI” was Guillermo Docena (FCE Universidad de la Plata Argentina) and the session had 4 speakers: I. Anegon (France, chairman of the multinational FCE committee), M. Rumbo (Argentina), F. Salazar (Chile) and Y. Rosenstein (Mexico). The session gathered 80 attendees, most of them young trainees and PhD students.

There was also a FOCIS workshop, chaired by M. Cruz. It had an opening lecture and 4 oral presentations by students that were selected according to the abstract submitted. In addition there was a FCE member meeting attended by FCE directors, researchers and trainees with over 30 attendees. As a consequence of these activities, ALAI is interested in hosting a new FOCIS session in its next meeting (La Havana, 2021). Furthermore, ALAI plans to postulate to become a FOCIS society member.

It should also be pointed out that the whole ALAI meeting was excellent; with world-wide known immunologists as speakers, well organized, a spectacular location (Cancun, Mexico) and many attendees (over 800).

We would like to acknowledge ALAI and SMI for giving us the opportunity to organize the sessions and FOCIS, for travel grants provided and for disseminating this information.

Ignacio Anegon, Multinational FCE chair

Guillermo Docena, FCE Universidad de la Plata Director


Latin American FCEs:

-Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán, Mexico.
Center Director: Diana Gomez-Martin, MD, PhD

-Mexican Translational Immunology Research Group
Center Director: Yvonne Rosenstein, PhD

-FOCIS Center of Excellence Sao Paulo, Brazil
Center Directors: Dr. Jorge Kalil and Dr. Luiz Rizzo

-Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Center Director: Guillermo Docena, PhD

Millennium Institute on Immunology and Immunotherapy, Chile.

Center Director: Dr. Alexis Kalergis, PhD

-Institute of Immunology of Central University Medical School Venezuela
Center Director: Dr. Isaac Blanca

-Centre of Translational Immunology (CTI) at the Instituto Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay
Center Director: Marcelo Hill, MD, PhD