13th Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Immunology ALACI 2021

ALACI21 is opening Abstract Submission on April 1st, 2021

  1. Presenting an abstract at an international meeting such as ALACI21 is an essential way to celebrate and share your accomplishments and vision for the future.
  2. ALACI21 in Varadero, Cuba provides a dynamic and exciting platform to showcase your research, your institute, and your team in a family seating and relaxing environment.
  3. It is also a unique opportunity to network with renowned thought IUIS and EFIS leaders.
  4. The Scientific and Organizing Committees look forward to receiving your abstract!
  5. Abstract Topics will be organized around the immunology core themes: Immunity; Immunology and Disease and Interventions

Abstract Guidelines

  1. The abstract text should be write in:
  2. English;
  3. one paragraph;
  4. structure format (background, aim, results and conclusions);
  5. Time New Roman 12;  
  6. one space;
  7. with the title in black;
  8. affiliation referred in superscript numbers;
  9. underline the presenter author;
  10. E-mail of presenter; and
  11. no more than 250 words (excluding title and affiliation).
  12. Submission fee (20 USD) will be paid, in cash, at the same time than Registration at the arrival to hotel venue. Abstracts send with another delegate will also paid the submission fee.  Waivers will be considered by the Organizing and Scientific Committees.
  13. Each delegate will be allowed to present just one abstract as first author.
  14. Abstracts will be sent only by E-mail to: alaci21abstract@gmail.com